Monday, August 28th, 2023 – Civil Engineering students from BINUS University took an important milestone in improving their skill set by participating in a comprehensive 7-day Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tekla Structure course. The training was organized in partnership with BJKW III PUPR Jakarta and held at BINUS University’s Syahdan Campus and Anggrek Campus.

The first course, which took a day, gave students a basic understanding of BIM. The following four-day course focused on modeling techniques using Tekla Structure software which included practical hands-on exercises, culminating in a comprehensive assessment.

The final session, which took two days, exposed students to Trimble Geospatial. This session looked at how geospatial principles can be used to improve modern construction procedures.

Throughout the intensive training, the student’s passion and excitement demonstrated their desire to stay current with the newest technological breakthroughs in the field of Civil Engineering. These BINUS University students are now better prepared to contribute to creative and efficient construction processes in their future jobs, thanks to their newly acquired skills in BIM Tekla Structure.