In under one group Nadhila Nurul Anjani and Sazkiyah Mardiyyah are interning in Sudimara Forestwalk Apartment Project, South Tangerang.

The project, which is located in South Tangerang, is one of the synergy projects of two PPUB business lines, Construction and Realty. This project is unusual in that the location is very close and integrates with green environment in terms of design and concept.

Progress has now reached 28.6%, and the 8th floor structure stage of the 24 stories to be erected has been reached. With its low costs and comprehensive amenities, the Sudimara Forest Walk Apartment will eventually become an appealing residential option for millennials.

During this internship process, students have been in the position of Quality Control where students are required to do quality checks on each building material, monitoring construction works, and make daily quality control reports.