Under one group, Muhammad Fattahravito Virgawenda, Ferrel Radityatama Erbel, and Eric are currently interns at Bank Mandiri Bumi Slipi Building Project. This project is a 32-storey building project which is initiated by Bank Mandiri. This building was established as part of the development of Digital Bank Mandiri and optimizing asset management. The Bank Mandiri building will be used for internal activities for employees within the Directorate of Information Technology by carrying out the concept of Mandiri Digital Centers.

Their activities are:

  1. Mapping the structures
  2. Making the Warehouse Management System (WMS) as the instruction to build the structure building
  3. Calculating the area of steel reinforcement through AutoCAD
  4. Mapping the architecture of the building through drones
  5. Making the Job Safety Analysis to inform the risk, hazard, etc. when building the structure
  6. Calculate the volume of the structure, casting plate, and column