As a quality control, Eric are tasked on various assignments in an on-going project of PT. Mata Air Persada, Puri Mutiara Residentials. The Puri Mutiara residential project is one of the projects being developed by PT. Persada Springs. This project has the function of a residential building or residential building. The construction of this project consists of a 2-storey structure with a building area of ±1400m2.


  1. Study the technical specifications applied in a project.
  2. Perform QC tool inspection.
  3. Test the quality of the items used in the project.
  4. Evaluate or test the feasibility of work results in the laboratory and in the field.
  5. Checking the results of the evaluation or feasibility test of the work in the laboratory or in the field.
  6. Understand the quality planning in the project being worked on.
  7. Preventing deviations or decreasing the quality of the projects being worked on
  8. Create and prepare report materials on quality control and control.
  9. Align work methods, time efficiency, and technical specifications so that the project runs well.
  10. Sending written and verbal warnings for work that does not meet standards.
  11. Prepare and submit quality inspection data to quality assurance.
  12. Carry out inspections and maintenance of the quality of work so that it is in accordance with the agreements and standards that have been determined