A Masterplan for the Provision of Bulk Water for Bandung

The provision of bulk (untreated) water for the cities of Bandung and Cimahi has become critical due to a number of factors including the rapid expansion of population, the over abstraction of groundwater and severe lack of surface water during the dry season. In 2010 David Meigh assisted the ADB in a Fact Finding Mission for Bulk Water Supplies to Bandung as part of the Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRIP). At the time the Head of the Citarum River Basin Unit requested that a Master Plan be produced first. In 2015 David was asked to review the MP, suggest other options to find more practical measures and carry out 4 feasibility studies and 2 prefeasibility studies for large schemes identified by the first draft master planners. Over a six month period the MP was updated with a new conceptual approach, a menu of some 20 options of various sizes and the individual studies completed. During the presentation David will describe the many constraints to obtaining bulk water, previous planning studies, the conceptual plan that was proposed and will describe four of the larger new proposals.

  • Speaker: David Meigh (MSc, CEng, MICE);
  • Place: Eastern Promise Pub & Restaurant, Jalan Kemang Raya No 5, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan;
  • Date: Tuesday 13th February 2018;
  • Time: 6.30pm.