Coal mining is industry that effected to world economical. To getting maximum coal is needed calculation and design for resulting the effective safety factor. To explain that, one of student from Bina Nusantara University is Siti Rachma Lailiyah, presenting the practical work report with the title is Embankment Slope Stability Analysis for a Coal Mining Site Lati, East Kalimantan (PT. Berau Coal). This presentation is based in the experience and observation during in East Kalimantan.

On the presentation, Rachma’s explained that how the safety factor on each materials on the site, there are mudstone, sandstone and mixed deposits. The purpose of the stability analysis was to find the safe slope angle for each geometry and material type, in order to reduce accidents due to slope failures. Soil parameters for stability calculations were based on laboratory testing, professional judgement and back analysis. The stability analyses were performed using Bishop’s Simplified Method of Slices, in the program SLIDE from RocScienceTM. Based on the results, it was concluded that the safe slope angle for the fill embankments depends both on slope height and the fill materials. Generally as the slopes become higher, the slope angle must be less to achieve the target factor of safety.

Presentation was held at Eastern Promise Restaurant, Kemang, South Jakarta on January 21st 2014, done with very well and enthusiasm from the audience. Attended with more than 30 audiences who are joined on ICE Member International both of professionals and students. Siti Rachma is an undergraduate student at Bina Nusantara University, majoring in Civil Engineering, and she is a Student Member of ICE. Her work experience includes as well as a student internship at PT. Berau Coal in East Kalimantan.

This event can give the opportunity to the students to get the experience in communication and presentation skills to the public especially international.